waec and jamb exams

Business Partner

Ofpass is an online education provider, we have provided over 40 years past questions and answers for Wassce and Jamb exams so that students can read them on their phones, tablets or laptops. No need to carry bulky books around anymore, its all now online.

The Target Market

Every year in Nigeria, over 1.6 million students sits for their Wassce and Jamb exams.  We are providing these students with a more comfortable way to study. By publishing study materials online, they are able to access these materials at anytime, wherever they are.

As our Business Partner, your will help us connect with this vast market and make get paid for it.

waec and jamb exams

How our system work

1. We will design promotional materials for you - flyers and posters
2. Your will share these on your social media pages or paste them in churches, schools, etc.
3. Your promotional materials contains a 5% discount CODE.
4. When your CODE is used to subscribe, you get 15% of the payment.

Monitoring Your Earnings

As our Business Partner, you will open an account with us as an affiliate. Each time your coupon code is used, this is registered on our system and your account is automatically credited with 15% of the subscription. If you get paid by hand, you deduct 15% straighaway and send us the balance.

Getting Paid

Our System is set up to transfer your earnings into your nominated bank account on monthly basis. However, you may request payment if you have 100,000 or above on the system.


To make most of your marketing efforts, you  will target secondary schools, or lesson centres and speak to their principals about enrolling the students en masse. This will get you many sign ups with only one effort.

Government Bodies

If you have links with local or state governments, getting a state-wide deal or a local government deal for schools will certainly bring joy and gladness into your bank account & for us too.

How it looks like

To have a clear idea of how ofpass looks like, watch this video. A few exams will be activated for you as a freelancer to use as demonstration to your propects.

ofpass marketing pitches

On Track

Students are able to keep themselves on track, by studying past questions and their answers, they are mastering the likely questions in their forthcoming exams

Learn 24/7

Students can bring the classroom with them wherever they go. They can study in the bus during a journey, in the toilet, on their beds or even in the Gym. In short, they can study anywhere and at anytime as long as they have a device that is connected to the internet. They can study 24/7

Smart Learning

Students no longer go around with bulky books, all they need is their handy smart phones or tablets, all the materials are online in the cloud for them, all they need to do is go to ofpass.com and start reading away